XQC Sounding Rocket Experiment

Exploring the Diffuse X-ray Background!

The XQC experiment includes a revolutionary X-ray spectrometer that operates at very low temperatures and is the first of its kind in space. The experiment is being launched on a sounding rocket that makes a 15 minute flight to 240 km altitude and then lands by parachute in the New Mexico desert. The experiment is not only a pathfinder for this new, exciting technology, it also provides unique science available to no other instrument.
Introduction to the XQC experiment

LHEA Calorimeter Group Homepage*

The Nike-Black Brant launch vehicle

The Payload

Intro. to Microcalorimeters

Results from Launch 3 (28 Mar, 1999)

Pictures from Launch 3 (28 Mar, 1999)

Pictures from Launch 2 (3 Jun, 1996)

Pictures from Launch 1 (4 Dec, 1995)
(These are the best pictures)


LTD-9 Workshop, July 2001*

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Latest News

11 April 2001
Complete web site overhaul
10 April 2001
We are busily preparing for flight 4 to occur in late
summer 2001
28 March 1999
Launch 3 successful! See results and pictures on left!

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