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18-22 August 2008
         Our group gives 3 presentations at the Applied Superconductivity Conference in Chicago

3 September 2008
         We won our ROSES proposal for another 3 years of funding for our  magcal   
         development program.

July 2008
         Constellation-X and XEUS merge to become the International X-ray Observatory - IXO.

23-27 June 2008
         Our group presents 3 papers at SPIE conference in Marseille

20 June 2008
         NASA accepts our mission of opportunity proposal to provide a silicon microcalorimeter array for Astro-H/NeXT

1 May 2008         
         Successful launch of XQC4, the sounding rocket program lead by Prof. Dan McCammon which we closely collaborate on.

30 April 2008
         Popular group member Hannes Rotzinger has to leave our group to return to Germany

January 2008
         Renouned scientist Dr. Joseph Adams joins our group.

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