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September, 2019 - X-IFU detector scientist, Sophie Beaumont (CRESST/UMD), begins her PhD studies in collaboration with IRAP in France.
November, 2019 - Athena mission successfully passed ESA Mission Formulation Review
January 2020 - Athena X-IFU consortium boards announced change of read-out baseline to time-division multiplexing (TDM), to be provided through the NASA contribution to Athena by our collaborators at NIST-Boulder.

Upcoming Events

Athena X-IFU System Requirements Review - April, 2021
Athena Mission Adoption - November, 2021
Launch of XRISM - January, 2022

Launch of Athena - ~ December, 2031

Mission and Mission Concept Links

XRISM link
Athena X-ray Observatory link
Athena X-ray Integral Field Unit Instrument link
Lynx Observatory Link

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